I started photography when I was at school before the digital camera age, got a photo club together at school and used to develop and print from film, black and white to start with then moved onto colour slides, changing to colour prints later, when I got married i had a darkroom at home in the loft. It is so easy now with digital...

Cameras and equipment have moved on over the years and I have followed the trends updating my equipment at regular intervals.

In the main I have stuck to Canon cameras and moved to digital when the Canon 300D was launched.

I take the usual holiday photos but now want to try some different aspects of photography, at least different for me, so still thinking of different ideas...

I run a blog, upload to Flickr (as an on-line backup) and also have this website.

Might start using Facebook for this site, but not sure at the moment, I have a Facebook account for family and friends but don't want to mix the two.

Almost 70 now and still learning with cameras and software, they keep changing things!

I have a small home studio and use my iMac to control the Canon 6D over WiFi with the Canon software that was supplied with the camera, you can adjust most aspects except for zooming, it's great as you can focus spot on, at X5 or X10, nice to see the big picture.