Welcome to StudioNINE photography, I started this website for family and friends, but since then it has grown, during my photographic expeditions I find people are interested in what I do, and ask lots of questions, probably some of the akward positions I take some photos, it is nice people are interested, so giving them this website address everyone can see the end results, wether it is a movie, time lapse, photos or some of my own personal projects, it's nice to display my work, no point in taking photos and just leaving them on your computer...




I am trying to do something different with my photography, well at least for me. At the moment I am setting myself some projects, trying to get the old gray matter working, finding an idea and making it work... ...not always easy!

I hope you enjoy some of these weird and dare I say wonderful photos I have taken, mostly in Herne Bay where I live, I am sure some of you who live here will recognise some of them.

Please come back sometime as I will be updating at regular intervals.

Lots more photos on Flickr and my Blog on the buttons to the left.